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Sharing OTR: What a Joy!
Bing Crosby (638)


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D:\Bing 1\310902 Bing Crosby Show First Broadcast Ever.mp3

D:\Bing 1\340918 Bing Crosby - Woodbury Show.mp3

D:\Bing 1\340918 Bing Crosby Show .mp3

D:\Bing 1\34XXXX Bing Crosby Show - Entertains.mp3

D:\Bing 1\34XXXX Bing Crosby Show .mp3

D:\Bing 1\350305 Bing Crosby Show .mp3

D:\Bing 1\3503XX Bing Crosby Show - Marion Mansfield.mp3

D:\Bing 1\421224 Bing Crosby Show .mp3

D:\Bing 1\430114 Bing Crosby Show - The Charioteers (poor).mp3

D:\Bing 1\430325 Bing Crosby Show BertLahr.mp3

D:\Bing 1\430401 Bing Crosby Show LucilleBall.mp3

D:\Bing 1\430812 Bing Crosby Show EdGardiner.mp3

D:\Bing 1\430902 Bing Crosby Show FrankMcHugh(poor).mp3

D:\Bing 1\430909 Bing Crosby Show PhilSilvers.mp3

D:\Bing 1\430916 Bing Crosby Show JinxFaulkenberg.mp3

D:\Bing 1\430923 Bing Crosby Show .mp3

D:\Bing 1\430930 Bing Crosby Show PhilSilvers.mp3

D:\Bing 1\431007 Bing Crosby Show AlJolson.mp3

D:\Bing 1\431202 Bing Crosby Show EdGardiner.mp3

D:\Bing 1\431230 Bing Crosby Show .mp3

D:\Bing 1\440106 Bing Crosby Show WilliamFrawley&NanWynn.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440113 Bing Crosby Show GeorgeMurphy.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440202 Bing Crosby Show DonaldO'Connor.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440217 Bing Crosby Show CassDaley.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440224 Bing Crosby Show PhilSilvers.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440302 Bing Crosby Show LucilleBall.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440309 Bing Crosby Show GeorgeMurphy.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440413 Bing Crosby Show BobHope.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440420 Bing Crosby Show DaveShelley.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440427 Bing Crosby Show SonnyTufts.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440510 Bing Crosby Show CassDailey.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440511 Bing Crosby Show KeenanWynn.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440518 Bing Crosby Show JackCarson.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440525 Bing Crosby Show RichardHayden.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440601 Bing Crosby Show KatinaPaxinoux.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440608 Bing Crosby Show CecilBDemille.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440615 Bing Crosby Show BobHope.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440622 Bing Crosby Show GeorgeMurphy(poor).mp3

D:\Bing 1\440629 Bing Crosby Show RoyRogers.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440706 Bing Crosby Show BingCrosby.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440727 Bing Crosby Show SonnyTufts.mp3

D:\Bing 1\440907 Bing Crosby Show GeorgeMurphyForBing.mp3

D:\Bing 1\441012 Bing Crosby Show SpikeJones.mp3

D:\Bing 1\441103 Bing Crosby Show CassDaley.mp3

D:\Bing 1\441123 Bing Crosby Show RiseStevens.mp3

D:\Bing 1\441130 Bing Crosby Show SpikeJones.mp3

D:\Bing 1\441207 Bing Crosby Show DianaLynn.mp3

D:\Bing 1\441214 Bing Crosby Show JerryCologna.mp3

D:\Bing 1\450118 Bing Crosby Show DukeEllington.mp3

D:\Bing 1\450125 Bing Crosby Show AndrewsSisters.mp3

D:\Bing 1\450215 Bing Crosby Show EllaLogan.mp3

D:\Bing 1\450308 Bing Crosby Show JoeVenuti.mp3

D:\Bing 1\450322 Bing Crosby Show FrankieCarle.mp3

D:\Bing 1\450405 Bing Crosby Show KingColeTrio.mp3

D:\Bing 1\450426 Bing Crosby Show FlorenceAlba.mp3

D:\Bing 1\450503 Bing Crosby Show KingColeTrio.mp3

D:\Bing 1\450510 Bing Crosby Show CassDaley.mp3

D:\Bing 1\450517 Bing Crosby Show FlorenceAlba.mp3

D:\Bing 1\450628 Bing Crosby Show FlorenceAlba.mp3

D:\Bing 1\460214 Bing Crosby Show FrankMorgan.mp3

D:\Bing 1\460221 Bing Crosby Show FrankMorgan.mp3

D:\Bing 1\460228 Bing Crosby Show MarthaTilton.mp3

D:\Bing 1\460502 Bing Crosby Show PeggyLeeJoeFrisco.mp3

D:\Bing 1\461016 BingCrosby_001_BobHope.mp3

D:\Bing 1\461023 BingCrosby_002_SpikeJones.mp3

D:\Bing 1\461030 BingCrosby_003_LesPaulTrio.mp3

D:\Bing 1\461106 BingCrosby_004_RafaelMendez.mp3

D:\Bing 1\461112 BingCrosby_005_EzioPinza.mp3

D:\Bing 1\461120 BingCrosby_006_BurlIves.mp3

D:\Bing 1\461127 BingCrosby_007_LesPaulTrio&JudyGarland.mp3

D:\Bing 1\461204 BingCrosby_008_JimmyDurante.mp3

D:\Bing 1\461211 BingCrosby_009_PeggyLeeJerryColona.mp3

D:\Bing 1\461218 BingCrosby_010_PeggyLeeDaveBarbour.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470101 BingCrosby_012_PeggyLeeJoeFrisco.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470108 BingCrosby_013_MickeyRooney.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470115 BingCrosby_014_AlJolson.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470122 BingCrosby_015_GeorgeJessel.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470212 BingCrosby_018_GrouchoMarx.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470219 BingCrosby_019_JudyGarland.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470226 BingCrosby_020_LesPaulAndrewsSisters.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470305 BingCrosby_021_EddieCantor.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470319 BingCrosby_023_PeggyLee.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470326 BingCrosby_024_JackBenny.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470402 BingCrosby_025_GoodOldMinstrelDays.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470409 BingCrosby_026_AlexTempleton.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470416 BingCrosby_027_JimmyDurante.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470421 BingCrosby_028_BurlIves.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470423 BingCrosby_028_PeggyLeeLesPaul.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470430 BingCrosby_029_GrouchoDorothyShea.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470507 BingCrosby_030_IrvingBerlinAlJolson.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470514 BingCrosby_031_GrouchoMarx&HankGreenburg.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470604 BingCrosby_034_FredAllen&ConnieBoswell.mp3

D:\Bing 1\470611 BingCrosby_035_EthelMerman.mp3

D:\470618 Bing Crosby Show 036 BobHope.mp3

D:\471008 Bing Crosby Show 002 JimmyDurante.mp3

D:\471015 Bing Crosby Show 003 DinahShore.mp3

D:\471022 Bing Crosby Show 004 CliftonWebb&BurlIves.mp3

D:\471029 Bing Crosby Show 005 BorisKarloffVictorMoore.mp3

D:\471105 Bing Crosby Show 006 OzzieAndHarriet.mp3

D:\471112 Bing Crosby Show 007 PeterLorreKayThompson.mp3

D:\471119 Bing Crosby Show 008 BarryFitzgeraldDorothyKirsten.mp3

D:\471126 Bing Crosby Show 009 FrankieLaine.mp3

D:\471203 Bing Crosby Show 010 AlJolson.mp3

D:\471210 Bing Crosby Show 011 WalterO'Keefe.mp3

D:\471217 Bing Crosby Show 012 ArleneWoodsAndJoeFrisco.mp3

D:\471224 Bing Crosby Show 013 ChristmasShow.mp3

D:\471231 Bing Crosby Show 014 DannyThomas.mp3

D:\480107 Bing Crosby Show 015 WalterO'KeefeBraceBeemer.mp3

D:\480114 Bing Crosby Show 016 GeorgeBurns.mp3

D:\480121 Bing Crosby Show 017 BurnsAndAllen.mp3

D:\480128 Bing Crosby Show 018 EstherWilliams.mp3

D:\480204 Bing Crosby Show 019 JimmyDurante.mp3

D:\480211 Bing Crosby Show 020 TributeToGeorgeGershwin'sMusic.mp3

D:\480218 Bing Crosby Show 021 RobertTaylor.mp3

D:\480225 Bing Crosby Show 022 PeggyLee.mp3

D:\480303 Bing Crosby Show 023 JackBenny.mp3

D:\480310 Bing Crosby Show 024 JimmyStewart.mp3

D:\480317 Bing Crosby Show 025 MargaretO'Brien.mp3

D:\480324 Bing Crosby Show 026 PeggyLee.mp3

D:\480407 Bing Crosby Show 028 FredAstaire.mp3

D:\480414 Bing Crosby Show 029 FibberMcGeeAndMolly.mp3

D:\480428 Bing Crosby Show 031 ClaudetteColbert.mp3

D:\480505 Bing Crosby Show 032 BarryFitzgerald.mp3

D:\480519 Bing Crosby Show 034 HopeLamour.mp3

D:\480526 Bing Crosby Show 035 BeaLillie.mp3

D:\480929 Bing Crosby Show 001 ClaudetteColbert.mp3

D:\481013 Bing Crosby Show 003 DinahShore.mp3

D:\481020 Bing Crosby Show 004 WilliamGargan.mp3

D:\481027 Bing Crosby Show 005 PeggyLeeWilliamPowell.mp3

D:\481103 Bing Crosby Show 006 Bergen&McCarthy.mp3

D:\481110 Bing Crosby Show 007 OscarLevant.mp3

D:\481204 Bing Crosby Show MortonDowney.mp3

D:\481215 Bing Crosby Show 012 BobHope.mp3

D:\490105 Bing Crosby Show 015 BettyGrable.mp3

D:\490112 Bing Crosby Show 016 JohnnyMercer.mp3

D:\490126 Bing Crosby Show 018 AbeBurrows.mp3

D:\490202 Bing Crosby Show 019 JimmyDurante.mp3

D:\490209 Bing Crosby Show 020 GrouchoMarx.mp3

D:\490216 Bing Crosby Show 021 BobBurns.mp3

D:\490223 Bing Crosby Show 022 AbeBurrows.mp3

D:\490302 Bing Crosby Show 023 BurlIves.mp3

D:\490309 Bing Crosby Show 024 PhilHarris.mp3

D:\490518 Bing Crosby Show 034 JohnnyMercer.mp3

D:\490601 Bing Crosby Show 036 Year'sTop15Songs.mp3

D:\491005 Bing Crosby Show JudyGarland.mp3

D:\491102 Bing Crosby Show BobHope.mp3

D:\491109 Bing Crosby Show EllaFitzgerald.mp3

D:\491130 Bing Crosby Show AlJolson.mp3

D:\491206 Bing Crosby Show JackBennyAndDorisDay.mp3

D:\491214 Bing Crosby Show CaroleRichards&JimmyStewart.mp3

D:\491222 Bing Crosby Show AlJolson.mp3

D:\491228 Bing Crosby Show AlJolson.mp3

D:\491229 Bing Crosby Show MillsBrothers.mp3

D:\500104 Bing Crosby Show AlJolson.mp3

D:\500111 Bing Crosby Show GrouchoMarx.mp3

D:\500125 Bing Crosby Show PettyLeeJackTeagarden&Satchmo.mp3

D:\500215 Bing Crosby Show AlJolson.mp3

D:\500215 Guest Al Jolson (New Ashmolean).mp3

D:\500222 Bing Crosby Show AndrewsSisters.mp3

D:\500322 Bing Crosby Show AndrewsSistersNatKingCole.mp3

D:\500329 Bing Crosby Show AndrewsSisters.mp3

D:\500405 Bing Crosby Show PerryComoArthurGodfrey.mp3

D:\500410 Bing Crosby Show MildredBaileyFirehouse5Plus2.mp3

D:\500426 Bing Crosby Show BeatriceLillie.mp3

D:\500503 Bing Crosby Show AlJolson.mp3

D:\500503 BingCrosbyShow _GuestAlJolson.mp3

D:\500510 Bing Crosby Show MaryMartin.mp3

D:\500517 Bing Crosby Show FredAllen.mp3

D:\500524 Bing Crosby Show BobHope.mp3

D:\501018 Bing Crosby Show BobHope.mp3

D:\501101 Bing Crosby Show DorothyKirsten.mp3

D:\501129 Bing Crosby Show EllaFitzgerald.mp3

D:\501206 Bing Crosby Show JudyGarland.mp3

D:\501214 Bing Crosby Show HopalongCassidy&PeggyLee.mp3

D:\501220 Bing Crosby Show CrosbyFamily.mp3

D:\50XXXX Al Jolson.mp3

D:\50XXXX Bing Crosby Show 20th Anniversary Salute.mp3

D:\50XXXX Christmas Show.mp3

D:\50XXXX George Burns.mp3

D:\50XXXX Jack Benny.mp3

D:\50XXXX Louis Armstrong.mp3

D:\50XXXX No Guests Show Up.mp3

D:\50XXXX Peggy Lee & Fred Allen.mp3

D:\50XXXX Roy Rogers.mp3

D:\510328 Judy Garland.mp3

D:\510502 Walter O'Kieff.mp3

D:\510103 Bing Crosby Show FredAstaire.mp3

D:\510131 Bing Crosby Show ToniArden&BobHopeAtFortOrd.mp3

D:\510207 Bing Crosby Show JudyGarland.mp3

D:\510221 Bing Crosby Show TalullahBankhead.mp3

D:\510228 Bing Crosby Show AndrewsSisters.mp3

D:\510307 Bing Crosby Show JudyGarland.mp3

D:\510314 Bing Crosby Show JudyGarland.mp3

D:\510321 Bing Crosby Show JudyGarland(poor).mp3

D:\510328 Bing Crosby Show JudyGarland(poor).mp3

D:\510425 Bing Crosby Show RoseMarie&Satchmo.mp3

D:\510502 Bing Crosby Show WalterOKeefe.mp3

D:\510509 Bing Crosby Show FredAstaire.mp3

D:\510509 Fred Astair.mp3

D:\510516 Bing Crosby Show BurlIves.mp3

D:\510516 Burl Ives.mp3

D:\510523 Bing Crosby Show TheresaBrewer.mp3

D:\510523 Teresa Brewer.mp3

D:\510530 Bing Crosby Show HelenO'Connell.mp3

D:\510530 Helen O'Connell.mp3

D:\510606 Bing Crosby Show GeorgeJessel.mp3

D:\510606 George Jessel.mp3

D:\510613 Bing Crosby Show TheresaBrewer.mp3

D:\510613 Teresa Brewer.mp3

D:\510620 Bing Crosby Show TeresaBrewer.mp3

D:\510620 Teresa Brewer.mp3

D:\511017 Bing Crosby Show MarthaTilton&BobHope.mp3

D:\511017 Guests Martha Tilton and Bob Hope.mp3

D:\511024 Bing Crosby Show AnnaMarieAlberghetti.mp3

D:\511024 Guests AnnaMarie Alberghetti.mp3

D:\511107 Chesterfield_w Martin and Lewis.mp3

D:\520206 Bing Crosby Show FredAstaire.mp3

D:\520206 Fred Astaire.mp3

D:\520212 Bogart Bacall.mp3

D:\520213 Bing Crosby Show BogartBacall.mp3

D:\520220 Bing Crosby Show MillsBrosAndPattiPage.mp3

D:\520305 Bing Crosby Show BobCathyCrosby.mp3

D:\520305 Bob Cathy Crosby.mp3

D:\520319 Bing Crosby Show JamesStewart.mp3

D:\520319 James Stewart.mp3

D:\520326 AnnaMarie Albergheti.mp3

D:\520326 Bing Crosby Show AnnaMariaAlberghetti.mp3

D:\520507 Bing Crosby Show MarleneDietrich.mp3

D:\520604 Bing Crosby Show JudyGarland.mp3

D:\520604 Judy Garland.mp3

D:\520611 Bing Crosby Show RosemaryClooney.mp3

D:\521127 With Connie_Boswell.mp3

D:\540101 Joe Frisco Peggy Lee.mp3

D:\540107 Wloneranger.mp3

D:\540108 Mickey Rooney.mp3

D:\540114 George Burns.mp3

D:\540115 Al Jolson.mp3

D:\540118 Kraft.mp3

D:\540122 George Jessel.mp3

D:\540125 Kraft.mp3

D:\540128 Esther Williams.mp3

D:\540202 Donald O'Connor.mp3

D:\540212 Groucho Marx.mp3

D:\540214 Frank Morgan.mp3

D:\540215 Ella Logan.mp3

D:\540217 Cass Daley.mp3

D:\540218 Robert Taylor.mp3

D:\540219 Judy Garland.mp3

D:\540221 Frank Morgan.mp3

D:\540225 Peggy Lee.mp3

D:\540226 Les Paul Andrews Sisters.mp3

D:\540228 Martha Tilton.mp3

D:\540302 Lucille Ball.mp3

D:\540303 Rythmnaires.mp3

D:\540308 Joe Venuti.mp3

D:\540309 George Murphy.mp3

D:\540309 Kraft.mp3

D:\540310 James Stewart.mp3

D:\540317 Margaret Obrien.mp3

D:\540319 Gary Cooper.mp3

D:\540322 Frankie Carle.mp3

D:\540324 Peggy Lee.mp3

D:\540326 Jack Benny.mp3

D:\540402 John Charles Thomas.mp3

D:\540405 King Cole Trio.mp3

D:\540407 Fred Astaire.mp3

D:\540409 Alex Templeton.mp3

D:\540413 Bob Hope.mp3

D:\540416 Jimmy Durante.mp3

D:\540421 Burl Ives.mp3

D:\540423 Peggy Lee Les Paul.mp3

D:\540426 Florence Alba.mp3

D:\540428 Claudette Colbert.mp3

D:\540430 Dorothy Shay.mp3

D:\54.05.02 Peggy_Lee_Joe_Frisco.mp3

D:\54.05.03 King_Cole_Trio.mp3

D:\54.05.05 Barry_Fitzgerald.mp3

D:\54.05.07 Irving_Berlin_Al_Jolson.mp3

D:\54.05.17 Florence_Alba.mp3

D:\54.05.26 Bea_Lillie.mp3

D:\54.06.06 Fred_Allen_Connie_Boswell.mp3

D:\54.06.11 Ethel_Merman.mp3

D:\54.06.18 Bob_Hope.mp3

D:\54.06.28 Florence_Alba.mp3

D:\54.06.29 Kraft.mp3

D:\54.07.06 Kraft.mp3

D:\54.07.27 Sonny_Tufts.mp3

D:\54.09.07 George_Murphy_for_Bing.mp3

D:\54.09.16 Jinx_Falkenburg.mp3

D:\54.09.23 George_Murphy.mp3

D:\54.09.29 Claudette_Colbert.mp3

D:\54.10.07 Phil_Silvers.mp3

D:\54.10.12 Spike_Jones.mp3

D:\54.10.15 Dinah_Shore.mp3

D:\54.10.16 Bob_Hope_1st_Show.mp3

D:\54.10.20 William_Gargan.mp3

D:\54.10.23 Al_Jolson.mp3

D:\54.10.23 Spike_Jones.mp3

D:\54.10.27 Peggy_Lee_William_Powell.mp3

D:\54.10.29 Boris_Karloff.mp3

D:\54.10.30 Les_Paul_Trio.mp3

D:\54.11.06 Rafael_Mendez.mp3

D:\54.11.10 Oscar_Levant.mp3

D:\54.11.12 Ezio_Pinza.mp3

D:\54.11.19 Dorothy_Kirstein.mp3

D:\54.11.20 Burl_Ives.mp3

D:\54.11.23 Salute_to_Perry_Como.mp3

D:\54.11.26 Frankie_Laine.mp3

D:\54.11.30 Spike_Jones.mp3

D:\54.12.02 Ed_Gardiner.mp3

D:\54.12.04 HopeLamour.mp3

D:\54.12.04 Jimmy_Durante.mp3

D:\54.12.04 Morton_Downey.mp3

D:\54.12.07 Dianna_Lynn.mp3

D:\54.12.10 Walter_Okeefe.mp3

D:\54.12.11 Peggy_Lee_Jerry_Colonna.mp3

D:\54.12.14 Jerry_Cologna.mp3

D:\54.12.17 Joe_Frisco.mp3

D:\54.12.18 Peggy_Lee_Don_Barbour.mp3

D:\54.12.31 Danny_Thomas.mp3

D:\540321 BingCrosby__FrankSinatra.mp3

D:\541122 BCS-1st Song This Old House.mp3

D:\541123 BCS-1st Song Papa Loves Mambo.mp3

D:\541124 BCS-1st Song Mandy.mp3

D:\541125 BCS-1st Song I Never Knew.mp3

D:\541130 BCS-1st Song I Want to be Happy.mp3

D:\541201 BCS-1st Song Somebody Loves Me.mp3

D:\541202 BCS-1st-This Old House.mp3

D:\541203 BCS-1st-Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.mp3

D:\541207 BCS-1st-Silver Bells.mp3

D:\541208 BCS-1st-This Old House.mp3

D:\541209 BCS-1st-Somebody Love's Me.mp3

D:\541210 BCS-1st-I'm a Fool to Care.mp3

D:\5501.05 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.06 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.07 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.10 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.11 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.12 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.13 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.14 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.17 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.18 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.19 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.20 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.21 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.24 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.25 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.26 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.27 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.28 xxx.mp3

D:\5501.31 xxx.mp3

D:\550105 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550106 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550107 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550110 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550111 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550112 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550113 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550114 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550117 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550118 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550119 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550120 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550121 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550124 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550125 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550126 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550127 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550128 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550131 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550201 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550202 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550203 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550204 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550207 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550208 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550209 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550210 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550211 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550214 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550215 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550216 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550217 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550218 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550221 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550222 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550223 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550224 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550225 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550228 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550301 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550302 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550303 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550304 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550307 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550308 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550309 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550310 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550311 BingCrosby__.mp3

D:\550314 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550316 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550317 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550321 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550322 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550323 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550324 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550325 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550328 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550329 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550330 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550331 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550401 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550404 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550405 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550406 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550407 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550408 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550412 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550413 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550414 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550415 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550418 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\550504 Bing Crosby Show.mp3

D:\570921 BingCrosby_015_.mp3

D:\571002 BingCrosby_024_.mp3

D:\Adam Hats.mp3




D:\Anchor Hocking.mp3

D:\Arid Deoderant.mp3


D:\Beechnut Chewing Gum.mp3

D:\Bing Crosby Christmas.mp3

D:\Bing Crosby Interview.MP3

D:\Blue Coal.mp3

D:\Brisk Toothpaste.mp3







D:\Camel Cigarettes.mp3


D:\Campbell Soup.mp3

D:\Carters Little Liver Pills.mp3

D:\Chesterfield Cigarettes.mp3


D:\Chiquita Bananna.mp3


D:\Colgate Shaving Cream.mp3

D:\Colgate Tooth Powder.mp3

D:\Contadina Tomato Paste.mp3

D:\CP_#001_42_03_08_Eddie Cantor, Danny Kaye, Dinah Shore.mp3

D:\CP_#002_42_03_09_Fred Waring, Joe E. Lewis, Talullah.mp3

D:\CP_#003_42_03_13_Kate Smith, Henny Youngman, Archie.mp3

D:\CP_#004_42_03_18_Fred Allen, Kenny Baker, Gladys Swathout.mp3

D:\CP_#012_42_05_07_Betty Grable, Jack Benny, Mary Martin.mp3

D:\CP_#013_42_05_14_Edward G. Robinson, Ginny Simms.mp3

D:\CP_#020_42_06_30_(Fragment) Groucho, Victor Borge.mp3

D:\CP_#034_42_08_30_Cary Grant, Ginny Simms, Abbott & Costello.mp3

D:\CP_#053_43_02_20_Francis Langford, Ish Kabibble, Kay Kyser.mp3

D:\CP_#081_43_08_28_Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Julie Conway.mp3

D:\CP_#094_43_11_27_Herbert Marshall, Bergen & Mccarthy.mp3

D:\CP_#095_43_12_04_Dinah Shore, Abbott & Costello, Fats Waller.mp3

D:\CP_#096_43_12_11_Bob Hope, Martha Raye, Carole Landis.mp3

D:\CP_#097_43_12_18_Dinah Shore, Bing Crosby, Charioteers.mp3

D:\CP_#098_43_12_20_ Fred Allen, Ginny Simms, Benny Goodman.mp3

D:\CP_#099_43_12_21_ Kate Smith, Orson Welles, Fred Waring.mp3

D:\CP_#100_44_01_08_Carmen Miranda, Harry James, Veronica Lake.mp3

D:\CP_#101_44_01_15_Francis Langford, Spike Jones.mp3

D:\CP_#102_44_01_22_Bob Hope, Deanna Durbin, Dennis Day.mp3

D:\CP_#104_44_02_01_Dinah Shore, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra.mp3

D:\CP_#112_44_03_25_Don Ameche Roy Rogers Carmen Miranda.mp3

D:\CP_#116_44_04_22_Gene Tierney, Roy Acuff, Martha Tilton.mp3

D:\CP_#118_44_05_06_Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Betty Hutton.mp3

D:\CP_#120_44_05_20_Jimmy Durante, Louis Armstrong.mp3

D:\CP_#121_44_05_27_Dinah Shore, Dick Haymes, Virginia O'brien.mp3

D:\CP_#122_44_06_03_Bob Hope, Garland, Sinatra, Crosby.mp3

D:\CP_#123_44_06_03_Connie Haines, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra.mp3

D:\CP_#124_44_06_10_Bette Davis, Jimmy Durante, Artie Shaw.mp3

D:\CP_#125_44_06_17_Jack Benny, Harpo Marx, Bing Crosby.mp3

D:\CP_#126_44_06_24_Maxine Sullivan, Nelson Eddy, Tommy Dorsey.mp3

D:\CP_#128_44_07_15_Jimmy Durante, Betty Hutton.mp3

D:\CP_#130_44_07_22_Ronald Colman, Ginny Simms, Cary Grant.mp3

D:\CP_#131_44_07_30_Barbara Stanwyck, Linda Darnell.mp3

D:\CP_#132_44_08_05_Ginger Rogers, Jimmy Durante.mp3

D:\CP_#134_44_08_19_Judy Garland, Danny Kaye, Helen Forrest.mp3

D:\CP_#135_44_08_26_Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Ginny Simms.mp3

D:\CP_#136_44_09_02_Betty Grable, Beatrice Kaye, Phil Silvers.mp3

D:\CP_#137_44_09_09_Groucho Marx, Georgia Gibbs, Kenny Baker.mp3

D:\CP_#138_44_09_13_Bob Hope, Johnny Mercer, June Allyson.mp3

D:\CP_#140_44_09_30_Deanna Durbin, Jack Benny, Ginger Rogers.mp3

D:\CP_#144_44_10_26_Clark Gable Ginny Simms.mp3

D:\CP_#145_44_11_01_Ethel Merman.mp3

D:\CP_#150_44_11_18_Bing Crosby.mp3

D:\CP_#154_44_12_16_Linda Darnell.mp3

D:\CP_#155_44_12_16_Dick Tracy.mp3

D:\CP_#157_45_01_11_Linda Darnell.mp3

D:\CP_#158_45_01_18_Burns And Allen.mp3

D:\CP_#160_45_02_01_Gloria Dehaven, Bing, Mel Torme.mp3

D:\CP_#161_45_02_08_Jeanne Crain, Harry James.mp3

D:\CP_#174_45_05_10_Jack Benny Paulette Goddard.mp3

D:\CP_#187a_45_08_14_Victory Extra.MP3

D:\CP_#190_45_09_06_Bing, Bob, Frank, And Judy Garland.mp3

D:\CP_#282_47_07_29_Hy Averback, Jim Backus.mp3

D:\CP_#601 Honey Suckle Rose.mp3

D:\CP_#602 Blue Lou.mp3

D:\CP_#703 Bugle Call Rag.mp3

D:\CP_#704 Eager Beaver.mp3

D:\CP_#705 Blue Skies.mp3

D:\CP_#706 Blue Lou.mp3

D:\CP_#829 Margie.mp3

D:\CP_#830 Woodchopper's Ball.mp3

D:\CP_#831 Dipper Mouth Blues.mp3

D:\CP_#832 Elk's Parade.mp3

D:\CP_#833 Changes.mp3

D:\CP_#834 Swanee River.mp3

D:\CP_#835 We'll Get It.mp3

D:\CP_#836 Jumping At The Woodside.mp3

D:\CP_#837 Eager Beaver.mp3

D:\CP_#838 Alexander's Rag Time Band.mp3

D:\CP_#839 Casa Loma Stomp.mp3

D:\CP_#840 Buckle Down Winsocki.mp3

D:\CP_#841 The Night Ride.mp3

D:\CP_#842 I Found A New Baby.mp3

D:\CP_#843 Honky Tonk Train.mp3

D:\CP_#844 The Sad Sack.mp3

D:\CP_#845 Here We Go Again.mp3

D:\CP_#846 King Porter Stomp.mp3

D:\CP_#847 The Bugle Call Rag.mp3

D:\CP_#848 Song Of India.mp3

D:\CP_#849 Strictly Instrumental.mp3

D:\CP_#850 Trumpet Blues.mp3

D:\CP_#851 Opus Number One.mp3

D:\CP_#852 King Porter Stomp.mp3

D:\CP_#853 South Rampart Street Parade.mp3

D:\CP_#854 Caribbean Clipper.mp3

D:\CP_#855 South Eager Beaver.mp3

D:\CP_#856 We'll Get It.mp3

D:\CP_Frank Sinatra.mp3

D:\Cream Of Wheat.mp3

D:\Creamo Cigars.mp3

D:\Cresta Blanca.mp3



D:\Drlyons Tooth Powder.mp3


D:\Elgin American.mp3

D:\Energine Shoe White.mp3

D:\Exlax 1960 .mp3

D:\Fatima Cigarettes.mp3



D:\Gem Blades.mp3

D:\Glo-Coat Wax.mp3

D:\GM Gardian Maintenance.mp3

D:\Good-Year Lifeguard Tires.mp3

D:\Good-Year Rubber Cement.mp3

D:\Groves Nose Drops.mp3

D:\Haley's Mo.mp3

D:\Hallo Shampoo.mp3

D:\Household Finance Corp.mp3

D:\Ingram Gasoline.mp3

D:\International Sterling.mp3

D:\Ironized Yeast.mp3

D:\Ivory Soap.mp3

D:\Jello 1955.mp3

D:\Jello Chocolate Pudding.mp3

D:\Jergens Lotion.mp3

D:\Kellogs Pep.mp3


D:\Lifebouy Health Soap1948.mp3

D:\Lifebouy Soap.mp3

D:\Lucky Beer.mp3

D:\Lucky Strike Cigarettes.mp3

D:\Luster Cream.mp3

D:\Lux Toilet Soap.mp3

D:\March Of Dimes.mp3

D:\Maxwellhouse Coffee.mp3

D:\Mayfield Cigarettes.mp3


D:\Nash Automobiles.mp3


D:\Northwest Orient Airlines.mp3


D:\Olga Coal.mp3


D:\Pabst Blueribbon Beer.mp3

D:\Patticake Cookies.mp3




D:\Perfect Circle Piston Rings.mp3

D:\Philip Morris Cigarettes.mp3

D:\Polmolive Soap.mp3



D:\Post Toasties.mp3


D:\Quaker Puffs.mp3


D:\Radio Promo.mp3

D:\Reynolds Aluminum.mp3


D:\Roitan Cigars.mp3

D:\Rolston Cereal.mp3


D:\Signal Gasoline.mp3

D:\Skelly Oil Company.mp3

D:\Studebaker Lark.mp3

D:\Sturdy Dog Food.mp3

D:\Tempo Cigarettes.mp3

D:\Ting Pimple Cream.mp3

D:\Top Value Stamps.mp3

D:\UUUUUU Bing Crosby ShowFirstIda.mp3

D:\UUUUUU Bing Crosby ShowFirstMrMeadowlark.mp3

D:\UUUUUU Bing Crosby ShowL- BarrymoreEddieBracken.mp3

D:\UUUUUU Bing Crosby ShowPeggyLee&FredAllen.mp3



D:\Vimms Vitamins.mp3

D:\Wheaties Cereal.mp3

D:\White King Soap.mp3

D:\Wild Root Cream Oil.mp3

D:\Wing Cigarettes.mp3

D:\Winston Cigarettes.mp3

D:\xxxxxx 1st-Ida (Minute Maid).mp3

D:\xxxxxx 1st-Mr Meadowlark (Minute Maid).mp3

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